Who is CadK?

CadK Inc. is a Canadian-based company originated in Toronto, Ontario, and we are a proud family-owned as well as family-ran business. Previous to launching our Sunroom business we provided engineering services to manufactures in Canada for the past 17 years. Our future goal is to expand our manufacturing presents across Canada. 

Our previous experience operating a mechanical engineering company well equipped us to take on a new challenge in creating CadK. He was able to assemble a team of passionate professional engineers, who collectively held the goal to design products that are beautiful in appearance, comfortable in its usage, and most importantly of high structural quality.

These designs are then realized by our own manufacturing power, where every product is meticulously crafted with top industry standard materials. With the capability to observe every step of the process personally, we strive for perfection with every product with strict quality control.

We take advantage of the bilingual nature of our company to learn new information from multiple cultures and continuously attempt to improve our products with new innovation.  

Our mission is to widely improve the quality of backyard enjoyment by providing cost-effective solutions at no cost of comfort or quality reduction. The arrangement of CadK allows for cost-effective production of pre-engineered products that can be easily adjusted at the same time, to satisfy the various needs of different customers at affordable prices.  

Let CadK be your solution to home improvement.

Enjoy an upgrade that beautifies your home while bringing you additional health benefits!   

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