The Georgian Roof Sunroom is a structure with a symmetrical arrangement, where lines diverge from the center roofline, and descend down several meticulously calibrated lines to form a sophisticated, modern architecture. The structure is covered with double and triple pane insulated safety tempered glasses that are tinted for UV protection. The large panels of glass allow an abundance of arrays of sunlight to enter into the room, improving your stay-at-home experience with warmth and enjoyment. The minimalistic, yet charming design of this sunroom complements any home wonderfully, allowing you to experience your home in a new and improved way. 

Dimensions: 14.5ft × 14.5ft

Square Footage: 210.25ft2

Georgian Roof Sunroom Special Features:

Choices for customization:

  • One slide door for access to the outside  
  • Two windows at the two sides sufficient for air circulation  
  • Built-in aluminum gutter system with downspout drainage  
  • Tinted UV-protected glass  
  • Colour also available in Charcoal-Wood mix  
  • Can be expanded along its length or width by 3.625ft panels 
  • Door and windows can be located at any chosen location  
  • Additional doors or windows available upon request  

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