Smart Greenhouse engineering

CadK Smart Greenhouse engineered for the future of gardening

No need to worry about the temperature, light, moist and humidity, it is all taken care of by CadK’s smart greenhouse controller.





Smart Greenhouse Engineering

Uniquely designed controlling system controls inside temperature through air conditioning and heating floor, lights through automated curtains and adjustable/ dimmable LED, moisture through irrigation system with ability to pump solutions and air exchanger to control CO2 level, odor and ventilation


Light is controlled thru unique LED lighting and expandable fixture. Natural light is controlled thru motorized Curtains.

LED Light

LED lighting ensures you’ll always have adequate lighting and offers monochromatic lights or a mix of different wavelengths from the light spectrum, (far red, red, blue, white and green) to satisfy all plants growing needs.

Light fixture

Expandable motorized light fixture can adjust LED lights up, down or tilted to concentrate light on plants and save energy.


Natural light is controlled by motorized curtains, the customed curtains are designed to allow for full control of light provided to the plant to simulate any growing enviroment.


The computer control system will maintain the greenhouse temperature to an optimal level for the selected plant program. Notifications for unexpected temperatures outside of desired range will be communicated to the user through the mobile app.

Floor Heating

Heated floor provides evenly distributed heat in the greenhouse.

Split Air conditioner

Provides heat or cold air for extreme days when primary sources of heat and ventalation isn’t sufficient.


Unique Ventilation system (air exchanger) designed for a more uniform climate and to distribute heat from the heating system as well as removing heat from the greenhouse when cooling is required. In combination with the heating system, ventilation also provides a means for dehumidifying the greenhouse environment.

Air Exchanger

A low energy ventilation systems with regenerative heat recovery is used.


Liquid CO2 supplementation is provided through an automated regulator.

Odour Filter

A special filter is used to control the odour for growing plants with an unpleasant smell.


Irrigation system controls the delivery of water and nutrients to the plants. 

The two systems complement each other to deliver precise amount of water and fertilizer to the plants as frequently as required. The incoming water is injected and mixed with a precise amount of fertilizer before it is delivered to the plants. Settings also allow for organic growing.

Controlling system and sensors

The entire greenhouse is controlled and monitored by sensors and cameras:
4-in-one sensor used to control temperature, humidity, light intensity and CO2 concentration
one extra CO2 sensor used to control CO2 concentration as an extra safety measure.
Two soil sensors are used to control soil temperature and soil humidity to get reliable data.


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