Smart Greenhouse

Smart Gardening Solutions For Your Backyard

A unique, durable and easy to use, a fully automated Smart Greenhouse that works through the App and straight from your device.

Smart greenhouse makes gardening accessible and easy. With our smart control system, all you need is to choose your favourite vegetable, herb or plant. Put the pot inside the greenhouse, choose the setting from your device and we take care of the rest, come back to harvest!

Gardeners can enjoy their hobby during hot summers and cold winters with a smart greenhouse.

A Complete Smart Growing

  • No need to worry about the temperature, light, moist and humidity, it is all taken care of by CadK’s smart greenhouse controlling system.
  • Uniquely designed controlling system controls inside temperature through air conditioning and heating floor, lights through automated curtains and adjustable LED, Light color and intensity through selectable light spectrum LED, moisture through irrigation system with ability to pump solutions and air exchanger to control CO2 level, odor and ventilation.
  • Simply log into your mobile app to check the status, track data and make the adjustments you need – remotely!


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Learn More

Comfort On The Go

Remotely manage your growing from your device. From CadK’s App you can chose manual or automated growing. With Manual growing you can change temperature, light, ventilation, irrigation and Co2 level of the greenhouse for proper growth of your crops, herb, vegetables or plants or you can choose automated growing and choose the plan or leave it to CadK’s controlling system to manage everything for you.


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