CadK 4-Season Sunroom is just as beautifully designed as it is engineered.

A glass-enclosed living area to the house and accessible from inside. CAdK Sunroom designed to function as an additional living room to enjoy your outdoor space, while being in the ambience of a house!




CadK SUNROOM Structure

Made from high performance aluminium to withstand heavy snow loads, high winds

Thermal Break Aluminium

High-Performance Aluminium structure designed to be durable and withstand heavy snow loads and high winds. Unique aluminum extrusion cross section designed with 3mm wall thickness, thermal break aluminum extrusions allowing for the prevention of heat transfer between outside and inside.


Double/Triple Pane Tempered Glass

Energy cost are reduced by using high quality glazing which provides better light transmission and heat insulation. All of the walls are double pane insutated tempered glass and the ceiling is reinforced with triple pane insulated tempered glass providing an extra safety factor.


CadK’s spacious and elegant sunrooms allows you to spend more quality time with your family and friends at an affordable cost.

The SUNROOM addition is a SMART investment that adds value to your property.

Having years of experience and knowledge in mechanical engineering makes CadK the experts on designing and producing best in class Sunrooms and Greenhouses.

Tempered insulated glazing with thermally broken extrusions, creates a safe, comfortable and joyful outdoor environment.

During the windy, wet and cold days of winter to the peak of summer heat, enjoy your controlled environment.

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